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Simurastone: A Brand Built for Modern Surfaces - HPL, Corian, and Beyond (EgyDot Client Story)

Simurastone, a brand new company dedicated to providing innovative and beautiful surface solutions for modern spaces, has unveiled a captivating brand identity and social media presence, meticulously crafted by EgyDot. This project highlights EgyDot’s ability to go beyond website design, acting as a comprehensive branding partner for new businesses in the design and construction industry.

Building a Brand for Modern Surfaces:

EgyDot played a pivotal role in shaping Simurastone’s brand identity from the very beginning:

The Name: The name “Simurastone” was created by EgyDot, combining the concept of “simulated” with “stone,” effectively conveying the essence of the brand’s offerings – modern interpretations of timeless materials like stone, while potentially encompassing a wider range of materials like HPL and Corian.

The Logo Design: EgyDot would design a logo that reflects the modern and sophisticated qualities of Simurastone’s surfaces. It could utilize clean lines, geometric shapes, or subtle textures to visually represent the brand’s core values.

The Visual Identity: High-quality photography showcasing the various colors, patterns, and finishes of Simurastone’s HPL, Corian, and other surface solutions, alongside lifestyle imagery depicting them in modern design settings, would form the foundation of Simurastone’s visual identity.

Captivating Social Media Strategies:

EgyDot’s expertise extends beyond branding to encompass impactful social media marketing strategies:

  • Engaging Content: EgyDot would develop engaging content for Simurastone’s Facebook  and Instagram pages, including informative posts about HPL, Corian, and other modern surface materials, inspirational design ideas featuring Simurastone products in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the company’s commitment to Quality and Innovation.
  • Story Designs: Eye-catching story designs on Instagram would allow Simurastone to showcase the beauty and versatility of their HPL and Corian surfaces, as well as other countertop materials, in a dynamic format. Short videos highlighting installation processes or customer testimonials can also be incorporated.
  • Community Building: EgyDot can help Simurastone foster a community on social media by responding to comments, questions, and messages promptly, and encouraging interaction with potential customers. They can also run contests or giveaways to generate excitement and brand awareness.

Client Testimonial

"We're especially impressed with EgyDot's ability to understand the needs of both designers and homeowners. Their social media content caters to both audiences, providing inspiration and technical information. We've seen a surge in interest in Simurastone's offerings, and we're confident this strong brand identity and social media presence will position us as a leader in the modern surface materials market."


We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals, and craft a marketing that exceeds your expectations.

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